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KNOWING AND DOING GOD’S WILL AS A CHURCH AND INDIVIDUALS. Much of what you have studied applies to churches as well as individuals. For instance • God is always at work in and around a church • God pursued a continuing love relationship with His church that is real and personal • God invites, a church to become involved in His work • When a church sees where God is at work that is their invitation to join Him in what He is doing. • God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church (members of the body of Christ). • A church will face a crisis of belief when God invites them to become involved in a work only He can accomplish. Faith and action will be required. • A church will have to make major adjustments in order to join God in his work. • A church is totally dependent on God for accomplishing tasks of Kingdom value. • Apart from God a church can do nothing of kingdom value • As a church obeys God, they will come to know Him by experience as He does wonderful things through them THE CHURCH FUNCTIONS AS A BODY-ONE UNIT WITH MANY. PARTICIPATING MEMBERS. The list could go on. Something is different about the way a church comes to know God’s will and the way an individual knows God’s will. A church is the body of Christ. A body functions as one unit with many members. All the members are interdependent they need each other. No one individual can know all of God’s will for a local church. Each member of the body needs the other members of the body to fully known God’s will.