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The academic goal of the school is to educate students in such a way that the intellect, the emotion and the spirit are enlightened, not giving way to mediocrity or parochialism. Student should be able to translate theories taught in the classroom to reality, through their lives and ministries. PROGRAMMES The following are programs run by the School: CHILDREN SPECIAL (CHILDREN BIBLE SCHOOL) This is a Six–month intensive course designed for the Children on Saturdays with a view to giving them a thorough biblical orientation and guiding them through social and personal problems that is associated with their stage of growth. Admission Requirements In the Christian way and should be able to communicate in English CHILDREN are awarded Certificate at the completion of the program. WORLD CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY This is a Special intensive course designed for Christians who desire sustainable spiritual growth, effective Christian living, and a fruit fulminatory in the body of Christ, for all levels of Pastors, Evangelist, Prophet, and all upcoming ministers of the gospel To meet the demand of our time for Christian education, the school runs the following special Programs: i. Mission Week, ii. Prayer Conference, iii. Minister Conference, iv. Seminars, v. Practical Week, vi. Graduation, Students are awarded Certificate in any of this special program at the completion of the program.