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This department helps/teaches you on how to build an healing ministry, it doesn’t mean you have the gift of healings or not, healing ministry can be setted upjust like an healing home, it doesn’t need you gathering power at all. Having the gift is just a little part in the healing ministry, Many testimonies from our students have helped us to even prove this fact well, u being a prophet, seer, a gifted one isn’t what gives you the ability to set up an healing ministry but the believe and appropriate leadership, Register in this department today and get wisdom, knowledge and understanding so you can reduce the amount of trouble caused by the Devil in this world. If you cannot save the world then save your continent, if you can not save your continent then save your country and if you cant save your country then save your state,but if you cant save your state save your community, and if that also is too large for you to save then save your family. All these sayings in essence is that you must be able to save a life. contact us for more information about registration process .